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Select Practice Opportunity is unlike most psychiatry recruitment firms. We understand that quality of life is a key factor is choosing where you work. Since we are dedicated to serving the mental health industry, we also make this our priority. When it comes to psychiatric employment, you do not need to look anywhere else for your next psychiatric job.

Our dedicated team ,with over 30 years of experience specializing in psychiatric job placement, knows the mental health industry. We have the contacts with major psychiatric employers, and we are dedicated on insuring you are happy with the placement and the psychiatric job.

Finding the right psychiatrist job is more that just the details of the employment position. Deciding where to live and practice is a matter of choice based on good information about a psychiatric job opportunity, the area where the position is located, the people you will work with, available schools and the other"stuff of life" that makes it fun such as recreation activities, the arts or good restaurants. That kind of information is crucial in determining where to establish your psychiatric career and more importantly, you family.

Select Practice Opportunity prides itself on helping with those choices by providing you with good information and gathering more to answer your questions. We value the relationship with our clients and candidates and strive to serve them in a way that best meets their individual needs.

You have many choices before you, however we are certain that your decisions will be made easier by allowing us to help.

Select Practice Opportunity views psychiatry recruitment as providing the total package.

Because, ultimately it is about taking care of the patient, and a happy and satisfied Psychiatrist or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is the best way to ensure the best patient care. That's why we go the extra mile, that's why we really want to understand your needs, and that's why we are the psychiatric recruitment firm that psychiatric practices, hospital contact when they are looking to fill a psychiatric job. We do our job right, and we are here to help.

Select Practice Opportunity understands the needs of psychiatry employment.

We all know that there is a rise in mental health issues in our country, and trying to meet those needs is a growing concern. In order to address this problem, it is even more important that the psychiatry employment placement be the right fit for you, the first time.

Psychiatric nurse practitioner jobs needs to take in consideration what the attending psychiatrist is looking for so that a productive working relationship can develop. While psychiatric jobs needs to address the concerns of the entire psychiatric team, so that the Psychiatrist can insure that the patient load is manageable and effective.

Until an solution in the shortage in mental health professional is found, we need to guarantee that the Psychiatrist and the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is able to function at the top of their game. Select Practice Opportunity is dedicated to doing our part.

This web site is but one tool that we offer to candidates in their search for the mental health job of their dreams. With decades of combined experience in the industry, we really know what we are doing. Since we have been in the industry for so long, we understanding the challenges for finding the right job. We have experience with not only psychiatrist jobs, but also psychiatric nurses jobs, clinical social workers jobs and other behavioral health careers.

Click on the medical specialty to the right in our navigation bar and it will lead you through opportunities we are currently working on. This is not a complete listing as the opportunities are constantly changing, so contact us directly for more information. We are in the market daily and can assist with tailoring a search in the specific geography you are seeking. There is never a charge to you because our clients pay our fees.

We look forward to serving you in your search for a doctor job! To contact us now, CLICK here!!

Psychiatry Jobs, that is what we do at Select.

Finding a mental health job can be a trying process. Select helps take the pain out of the process. Since we specialize in only psychiatry job searches, we know the industry and what the needs are. Not only do we have the contacts within the hiring organizations, we also have over 30 years of experience placing Psychiatrists, Psychiatry Nurse Practitioners, and Psychiatry Physician Assistants.

We are the psychiatry job experts.

We provide a complete and comprehensive service to ensure that your psychiatry job placement is the best match for what you want and need. We are with you every step of the way.

Here's what we do for you:

  • Tailor your search to the job, geography and money you want
  • Preview your resume and suggest revisions to put your best interests forward
  • Obtain area, community and real estate information for you
  • Secure necessary licensure and credentialing applications for you
  • Review with you existing opportunities in the area you are wanting
  • Prepare you for all phone screens and on-site interviews
  • Assist you in all travel and relocation matters
  • Always maintain your search and information strictly confidential

As you can see, we are your partners in your psychiatry job search. We help you discover the best opportunities available, and then coach and prep you so that you skills, expertise and value is clearly presented to the hiring team.

As you know, the mental health industry is going through a lot of changes. Staffing shortages are forcing organizations to rethink how to deliver the best mental health services to their clients and patients. Solutions are needed, and the hiring team needs to know how your skills, education and expertise can fit into the solutions that they are looking for. Since we specialize in placing only mental health professionals, we have the experience needed to represent you and help the hiring team understand the value you have, and how your value is the asset that they are looking for.

Select will never divulge your information to any client without your expressed permission.

We understand the importance of this time in your life. We are honored that you chose Select to assist you in this process. We look forward to helping you in this exciting time.

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Select Practice Opportunity is dedicated to helping find your next psychiatric job

Let us use our over 30 years of experience specializing in psychiatric job placement to showcase your talents.

Fill in the form below, and see what exciting psychiatry jobs are available. Then give us a call, so we can help you secure the position that you are looking for.

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